Gold Au $2324.24 $-6.74
Silver Ag $29.04 $-0.50
Platinum Pt $991.45 $-8.71
Palladium Pd $953.29 $-33.45



Selling to Oceanside Coin and Currency

Oceanside Coin and Currency will purchase every coin, banknote, and precious metals product that you wish to sell, either by immediate cash or check payment or by consignment, depending on your preferences. We will also buy back everything we sell to you for a fair market price. Unlike many other companies, which are highly selective in what they buy and require you to transport a potentially heavy and often valuable collection to their office for review, Oceanside Coin and Currency will purchase your entire collection at once and will travel to your location to do so– saving you the time, hassle, and security risk of transporting your coins.

We understand that the experience of selling your coins can be an emotional and overwhelming one. That is why Oceanside Coin and Currency, Oceanside’s premier dealer in rare coins and paper money, strives to make the numismatic collecting and investing experience as pleasant and financially rewarding as possible. The following are a few tips for how to receive the best value when selling your coins:

  • Do not attempt to clean your coins yourself. Cleaning your coins could drastically affect the natural surface characteristics, including the natural layer of toning that a coin acquires over the course of many years. Collectors do not like cleaned coins. A simple cleaning can drastically affect the value of a coin as well as permanently alter its appearance.
  • Ensure that your coins are appraised by a certified and reputable coin dealer. The single most important aspect of getting an accurate and honest appraisal for your rare coins is the reputation of a coin dealer. Oceanside Coin and Currency is both a well-respected wholesaler and retailer of coins and precious metals, so we understand both sides of the market. It is in fact this perspective, combined with a detailed knowledge and understanding of the rare coin industry, that affords us a distinct advantage over many other companies willing to purchase your collection.
  • Organize your items. Having your items separated and properly organized will help to expedite the appraisal process and allow the dealer to get an accurate idea of the broad scope of your collection. If you are unsure of how to organize, do not worry, as we are more than able to organize and catalog your collection efficiently and professionally. 
  • Keep your entire collection together as a unit. Many dealers will try to “cherry pick” the better coins in your collection, thus making it harder for you to sell your collection as a whole. This could potentially result in you being unable to sell the leftover coins.
  • Sometimes, it is helpful to have “third party certification” for your coins. This is an independent service that authenticates the coin, assigns a condition, and then encapsulates it in a sealed plastic holder. PCGS and NGC are the two largest and most reputable grading services in the United States, and that is why Oceanside Coin and Currency deals exclusively with these organizations. Since there is a cost involved with such service, certification is better left to the more expensive items in your collection. Oceanside Coin and Currency can help you select those pieces that would benefit most from third party certification and thereby maximize your profit.

We will purchase coins from clients located anywhere in the United States. Please call us at 1-760-717-6720. We look forward to hearing from you.